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We, Morex Enterprise started our journey in year 2018. We like to achieve well-known position in the market as Industrial fastener supplier, currently trade in Metal Fastener, Anchors, Stud ,Bolts, Nut And washers etc. Our professionals are proficient in catering to the varied necessities of our customers across diverse industries. Our experts have affluent acquaintance and hold years of experience. Our promise to offer products in varied forms and in accordance with the varied specifications detailed by our prestigious customers has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves in the market. We work under the leadership of our mentor Mr. Kasim Rangwala who has an in-depth practice of different industries. His years of practice, constant motivation, and detailed acquaintance have enabled us to follow right deliverables.

Our Products

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Metal Bonded Epdm Washer

Metal washers bonded with rubber. Used during roof installations because the rubber helps prevent leaks. Once installed, rubber seal is comp....
Price : Rs 0.40 / Piece

Hex coupling nut

Acoupling nut, also known asextension nut, is athreadedfastenerfor joining two male threads, most commonly athreaded rod,but also pipes. The....
Price : 5 INR/Piece

EPDM spacer washer

A rubber washer is a ring made of rubber used in mechanical devices. It is used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another....
Price : Rs 0.3 / Piece

High Tensile Nut Grade 8/10/2H

Alloy steel is most often available in Grade A, Grade C, Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 8. Untreated alloy steel fasteners are black.....
Price : Rs 12 / Piece

Disc Spring Washer As Per Din 2093

A Belleville washer, also known as a coned-disc spring, conical spring washer, disc spring, Belleville spring or cupped spring washer, is a ....
Price : Rs 3 / Piece

SA193 Grade B7 Hex Head Bolt

Grade B7 is the most common grade of A193 B7 alloy steel bolt material that is regularly utilized within the construction industry. A193 B7 ....
Price : Rs 14 / Piece

Sleeve Anchor

Sleeve anchors are versatile. They can be used for light or heavy-duty fastening so can be applied in projects such as fixing radiators in t....
Price : 3.00 - 20.00 INR/piece

Industrial Machine Screws

With our in-depth knowledge of this domain, we are actively engaged in providing an excellent quality range of MS Machine Screw.....
Price : Rs 0.25 / Piece

Mild Steel Spring Washers as per IS6735

Spring washers, which have axial flexibility and are used to prevent fastening or loosening due to vibrations. Locking washers, which preven....
Price : Rs 0.4 / Piece

Hexagonal Head Self Drilling Screws

Self-Drilling Screws have a drill-shaped point to cut through sheet metal or steel which eliminates the need for drilling a pilot hole.....
Price : Rs 1.50 / Piece

CSK Phillips Head Self Drilling Screw

Self-Drilling Screws. Similar to sheet metal screws, but they have a drill-shaped point to cut through sheet metal or steel which eliminates....
Price : Rs 0.45 / Piece

Unbrako Allen Key Bolt, Hex Bolts

Unbrako is the world leader in advancing the technology of bolted joints and meeting the needs of industry for stronger and better performin....
Price : Rs 6 / Piece

Fully Threaded Rod

The threaded rod Fairfield is basically used to fasten wood or metal together. It acts as a pin that is used to connect two materials togeth....
Price : 50.00 - 135.00 INR/Piece

Pin Type Anchor Fasterners

Pin type anchor bolts have interior holes which can extend upto the length of the anchor. The upper portion is where the drive pin is insert....
Price : INR/BOX

Stud Bolts & Double End Studs

The use of studs is preferred whenever possible instead of main cap bolts, in those instances where a choice is available. Studs provide the....
Price : Rs 15/Piece

Rawl Bolt

Rawl anchor bolts are used primarily to install structures to concrete, brick, block and stone. Whether you need to anchor a road sign to a ....
Price : 4.00 - 18.00 INR/piece

Alloy stud as per SA 193 B7, B7M, B8, B8M

Grade B7 is the most common grade of A193 B7 alloy steel bolt material that is regularly utilized within the construction industry. A193 b7 ....
Price : 12.00 INR/Piece

Eye Hook Anchor Fasteners

Heavy duty eye bolt with shield anchors are used for corner support cable hardware in solid masonry surfaces (concrete, stone and block) for....
Price : 25 INR/ Piece

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